Best School ERP Software for Your Schools and Colleges



TecPhygit provides the best school ERP software for your school and colleges. TecPhygit School ERP Software provides the best solution for your school administration, reporting, library management, attendance management, staff, and student access to their homework and syllabus.

TecPhygit school ERP software is a one-time cost tool with easy maintenance and reliability. The best school ERP software is the most substantial investment that an educational institution makes to develop high standards of education and management. School ERP covers every operation of your school right from fees management, student, and parent & staff engagement to accounting, admissions, exams & results, etc.

Why is School ERP software compulsory in every school today?

School management is becoming more and more digitized these days. More and more schools are adopting school management software/ School ERP for maintaining the school records and day-to-day activities, like the tracking of the student’s attendance, timetable, examination schedules, exam results and analysis, admission information and admissions records, fee records, employees’ salary, and administrative activities.

School ERP software is compulsory in every school today because it helps the management to function smoothly by automating all processes and bringing them into a single system. Automation of processes in schools will reduce workload & paperwork helps to save time and thereby results in an increase in productivity it makes communication between the teachers and parents better, which results in a better learning environment for kids.

We Provide All the Features in the School ERP

  • Students Management
  • Parent’s management
  • Admin activates
  • Accounts Management
  • Library management
  • Receptionist Activates
  • HR Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Transport Management
  • Online Admissions
  • Fee collection
  • Certificate Generation
  • ID’s Generation
  • Admit Card with QR
  • Online Class
  • Online Exam

Who can use School ERP?

TecPhygit School ERP is suitable for all institutions of any size, right from rural areas to metropolitan districts. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small school or a large group of schools with multiple branches, primary schools, high schools, and colleges. We aim to make this cost-effective for schools of all shapes and sizes. School ERP has the right solutions for you.

Uses of School ERP:

  • The school administrators are the primary users of the school ERP software who can manage student admissions and enrollments.
  • The Teachers Can use it to take attendance, assign homework, recording of student data, and assessments, and generate reports.
  • Students can use it to do assignments and homework, submit the work, and Check the records.
  • It is used to track the school buses on the routes and their live locations. Parents also estimate the time of arrival at the bus stop.

Benefits of School ERP Software:

  • TecPhygit School ERP software reduces manual work and relieves teachers from needing to keep track of everything by hand.
  • It manages your school data and helps you to increase the efficiency and accuracy of students, staff, and accounting.
  • It helps to better communicate between school administration members, teachers, and students.
  • It creates an environment where everyone stays updated on the latest happenings, announcements, assignments, grading, attendance, etc.
  • Every student, parent, and educator could access school information from their mobile device, laptops, and tablet PC.


We are an India-based School ERP Development Company offering all the inclusive modules of ERP to schools and colleges. Our comprehensive School ERP Software offers ease of use to administer students, teachers, and parents or guardians. All school departments are organized by our School ERP.

MooDel School ERP is a standalone and advanced software application, which is capable of managing all activities and data records of your school efficiently and proficiently. School ERP can be run on both web-based applications as well as desktop-based applications. Apart from this, the software prevents the recording of fake data, distorts it, and allows only registered users to access it.

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